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I have continued to research the Morgan Papers for other projects as listed below. After his death, I worked with the other executors of his estate to create the Edwin Morgan Trust, a charity which supports young Scottish poets and translators through its awards.

(2017) ‘Edwin Morgan: A Translator’s Notebook I–IV’. An edited selection from Morgan’s 1950s lectures, reviews and uncollected translations from Italian, Russian and Old English. PN Review 233–236 (January–July).

(2016) ‘Poets Post-War: G.S. Fraser and Edwin Morgan’. PN Review 230 (July–August).

(2015) ‘From Glasgow to Frisco: Edwin Morgan’s Letters to America’. The Dark Horse 35 (Late Autumn/Winter).

(2015) Edwin Morgan: The Midnight Letterbox. Selected Correspondence 1950–2010. McGonigal, J. and J. Coyle (eds) Manchester: Carcanet Press.

(2014) ‘The Once and Future Pilot: Space, Time, Travel’. In The International Companion to Edwin Morgan. Riach, A. (ed.). Glasgow: Scottish Literature International.

(2014) ‘Exit in Pursuit of a Bugbear: Edwin Morgan and Poetic Drama’, PN Review 40 (3).

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(2013) ‘Keeping it Concrete: Edwin Morgan in the Sixties’, PN Review 40 (2).

(2012) Beyond the Last Dragon: A Life of Edwin Morgan. Paperback edition with additional material. Dingwall: Sandstone Press.

(2012) ‘Ana, Morgana, Morganiana: A Poet’s Scrapbooks as Emblems of Identity’. McGonigal, J. and S. Hepworth. Scottish Literary Review 4:2, Autumn/Winter.

Some of the Scrapbook pages can be viewed here.

(2010) Beyond the Last Dragon: A Life of Edwin Morgan. Dingwall: Sandstone Press. Winner of Scottish Research Book of the Year Award, 2011.

(2010) ‘Recovering the Divan: Structure in Edwin Morgan’s Long Poem’, PN Review 36 (6).

(2006) ‘Translating God: Negative Theology and Two Scottish Poets’ and ‘Gay Writing in Scotland: An Interview with Edwin Morgan’. In Ethically Speaking: Voice and Values in Modern Scottish Writing. McGonigal, J. and K. Stirling (eds). Amsterdam and New York: Rodopi.